Tips to Decorate Kids Room

Amazing pattern wallpapers for kid's bedroom.

So, you are planning to decorate your child’s room in a fantastic way that will make your kid happy, right? It is fun and exciting as the kids’ rooms are the most beautiful and happy rooms in a home. But, though it might sound easy decorating a kid’s room, in reality, it is quite a job indeed.

However, if you look at t ideas and follow some of the rules that are mentioned in this article, you will find it easier and the results will be amazing!

Kid’s Room Decoration Tips

The Color

Everyone knows that the basic of a kid’s room is its bright color. It is the colour theme of the room that will clearly pronounce that it is not the master bedroom, but one for the children in the home. Though happy colors are what are meant for the children, most people stick to the traditional and safe baby pink for the girl and baby blue for the boy’s room.

Choose right color to paint kid's room.

You can come out of this cliché and choose other happy colours like a bright sunshine yellow, a dusty orange, a matte shade of fuchsia, etc. Whatever colour theme you choose, you must make sure that a few shades of the color are used in contrast. If you are choosing a shade of blue, match it with a bit of green or purple or another shade of blue here and there. If it is pink, go with fuchsia, orange, peach, etc. as a combination wall.

The Patterns Of The Wall

A very interesting way to decorate a kid’s room is by adding patterns and textures to your wall.

Amazing pattern wallpapers for kid's bedroom.

  • Instead of going plain and simple, you can choose stencil paintings, wallpapers or just go freehand Kids love fiction.
  • You can create a fictional world for them by painting clouds, flying birds, plants with colorful flowers,
  • Nowadays, paper cuttings are very much in fashion. You can paint a cage and add the birds in paper cutting. You can paint a tree and add flowers in paper cuttings. Whatever you do, do not keep the walls plain.

Utilise Space

Since every kid has a number of knick knacks, toys, books and crayons and so many other things, it is a must that ample storage space is designed. A very innovative way to store is to display. Rather than packing them in, you can display them.

Utilise space properly in child's bedroom

For that, adding wall storage sections, open racks, and shelves are a very good idea. All the story books can be displayed there. It will be easy for the child to pick one and you will not have to worry about storing them. The small toys, crayons everything can be stored there while displaying them.

Choose Furniture Wisely

Choose kids bedroom furniture wisely

Though furniture plays a crucial role in any room decor, in the case of a kid’s room, you need to go minimal. The kids must have enough space in their room to roam about and play. If you have two kids, a double decker bed is a good choice. In the case of space problem, you can have a folding table in the room and a chair next to it, where the child can sit and draw, play, do art and craft, or just read a book.

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