Yellow Kitchens: How to design your kitchen yellow

Yellow kitchen interior decor ideas, tips

Old fashioned kitchens had generous splashes of yellow, making them homey and bright. The trend towards colourful and bright kitchens is reinventing itself. Let us explore the various ways in which we can create a yellow theme for the kitchen. Yellow is synonymous with brightness and cheer.

Light yellow kitchen interior design ideas.

The family gathers round in a large kitchen cum dining place and the bright décor adds to the fun and frolic.

Wall treatments

Yellow can be the colour of choice on the wall as paint. From a pale lemon to a strong sunny yellow contrasted with white cabinets can be very attractive. Textures and design in bright yellow can be added to paler yellow walls to create a depth in the colour of the walls.

Bright floral or geometric prints on wallpaper can be an interesting feature. A yellow tile backsplash is also a good idea to introduce yellow to your kitchen.

Latest yellow kitchen design trends

Think of yellow in multiple shades of canary, sunshine, buttercup, lemon, mustard and mellow autumnal shades. Yellow is the colour closest to white and is a natural choice to bring a ray of sunshine to an otherwise drab room.

Yellow floors in your kitchen

Natural woods like Fir and pine or hardwood add a yellow shade to your kitchen flooring. A geometric patterned tile floor with strong yellow accents can beautifully complement a green and white kitchen.

Yellow kitchen interior decor ideas, tips

A soft buttery brick floor can age a charming touch to an earthy homely kitchen. Warm wooden flooring can act as the perfect foil for bright yellow walls and brown countertops.

Yellow furniture adds a punch

A bright yellow laminate with a high gloss finish can liven up your kitchen cabinets. Open shelves or glass fronted cabinets in bright yellow soften a stark white and steel kitchen. Double colour cabinets in yellow and grey or yellow and celery green look inviting.

Yellow kitchen design furniture

Chairs painted yellow or with yellow furnishings are excellent ways to add yellow to the colour palette. The island can be a bold yellow creating a central colour hack.  Bright yellow woven rugs on a dark hardwood floor can look classy and inviting.

Yellow as a focal point in your kitchen

It is not necessary to go the whole hog and make the entire colour scheme of your kitchen yellow. Small pops of yellow also make a large difference. A few cushions or a bright tablecloth can also be a focal point, as can a yellow accented wall hanging or painting.

Elegant yellow color kitchen decorating photos

A few cushions or a bright tablecloth can also be a focal point, as can a yellow accented wall hanging or painting. Yellow cabinets and black countertops make a strong and dramatic statement in your kitchen. The countertops could be veined or speckled granite to soften the colours.

Yellow backsplashes with black countertops and steel appliances and stove make the yellow kitchen look modern and contemporary. A yellow corner can be created by using a slim and tall black yellow vase with lots of natural foliage and brightly coloured flower can be a conversation starter.

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