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Patterned wallpaper for black bedroom decor

Black is the most popular colour all over the world when it comes to clothing, but you will be surprised to know that black is the classiest option for painting your home. Not everyone has the courage to use black in their interiors but for those that have, swear by the aura it exudes.

Therefore here are some black bedroom design ideas if you are looking forward to remodeling your home decor. These ideas and a look at certain photos of model rooms will make the picture clear to you.

Black Bedrooms

A single wall will do the job

Painting a single wall black really has a grand effect. With the right kind of lighting, you can easily play up with light and shadows. You can paint the remaining walls with any other colour according to your taste.

Black wall paint for black bedroom interior designing
Black wall paint for black bedroom interior designing

Lay under the starry nights

This is one of the most amazing ideas to instantly remodel your home. Simply use black paint and dim fairy lights in the color white to instantly add a starry night theme to your bedroom.

Black bedroom interior design trends
Black bedroom interior design trends

Black furnishings

Adding black to your room décor is not only limited to using wall paint. You can also use black furnishings to your home to instantly warm up the surrounding areas. Incorporate black into your bedroom through black doors, windows and also printed black curtains.

Patterned wallpaper will do the trick

If you are sceptical about using black in your bedroom and feel that it is a huge investment you are unsure of taking then you can start by using black patterned wallpaper to highlight a wall in your room.

Patterned wallpaper for black bedroom decor
Patterned wallpaper for black bedroom decor

Go the classic way

The classic way to use black would be pairing it up with white to give that royal vintage touch to your room. Black and white complements each other excellently and it also makes the room subtle. Too much black may increase harshness that the white tones down effectively.

Black flowers are the most beautiful

If you are worried about being too bold and want to add a feminine touch to your room but with the color black then keep the base white and use black floral printed wallpaper or bed linen or curtains. This will do the trick.

Beautiful black bedroom decorating ideas
Beautiful black bedroom decorating ideas

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Get yourself a chalkboard

If you are a creative person who loves to doodle then, a chalkboard wall will be your best friend. A chalkboard wall adds black to your bedroom and also lets you be creative with sketches and to-do list every day.

Color coordinate with black

Adding another colour with black really will make the color pop out and catch attention. Pink, grey and golden will go beautifully with black. Make sure to add the second colour selectively so that it does not overpower the use of black.

Classical black bedroom design photo
Classical black bedroom design

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A giant black bed for pronounced masculinity

To save time just add a giant black bed to your bedroom to add masculinity to it. It looks really sophisticated with golden beige walls.

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